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Master of Science in Information Technology (MS IT)

1. CIO Certification; Leadership in Business-IT Management

  • Managing IT Resources

  • Strategic Issues in IT

  • Managing Emerging Information Technology

  • IT Leadership

2IT for the Non-IT Executive

  • Enhancing IT-business alignment
  • Strategic, Tactical, and Operational IT governance practices
  • Improving IT’s key business processes
  • IT organizational structure alternatives

3. Cyber Security

  • Foundations of Cyber Security 

  • Ethical Hacking

  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation

  • Security Analysis and Penetration Testing

  • Security Programming

  • Incident Response Handling and Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery and Virtualization Planning

  • Network Security Administration

  • Managing Emerging Information Technology

4. Deploying Data Technologies

  • Building the Data/Analytics Organization

  • Managing the Data Transformation

  • Analytics, Applications & Techniques

  • Optional(Select One)

    • Knowledge & Discovery Approaches

    • Deploying Blockchain Technologies

    • Deploying AI Technologies

    • Deploying Robotics Process Automation Technologies

5. Managing Data As An Asset

  • Leveraging IT Resources: Information & Resource Management

  • Building & Managing the Data/Analytics Organization

  • Aligning Data & Analytics With the Business Areas

  • Optional(Select One)

    • Managing AI Initiatives

    • Managing Blockchain Initiatives

    • Managing Robotics Process Automation Initiatives

    • Managing Textual Analytics: Hearing the Voice of the Customer

    • Managing Emerging Data & Analytics Technologies 

6. Business-IT Management Consulting

  • Managing IT Organizations and IT Strategy

  • Engaging the Client –
          The Essentials of Management Consulting 

  • Establishing and Enriching Client Relationships

  • Facilitating Transformation as a Management Consultant

  • Optional(Select One)

    • Case Studies & Practicums

    • Enterprise Systems Management

    • Legal Issues in IT Outsourcing

Obtain A MS Degree From Ashford University Studied From the Caribbean Islands.

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