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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The goal of the MBA program is to prepare students to become managers in leadership positions for industry, government, and the not-for-profit sector and to provide them with a breadth and depth of knowledge that is supported by the ability to effectively address real world issues. The program has an international focus, and themes and cases drawn from all parts of the world are interwoven throughout.

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)

The goal of the Master of Science in Information Technology is to produce graduates that are prepared to meet the technology and operations needs of modern businesses. As such, the program provides students with a solid background in both business and information technology in order to prepare them to work within business enterprises.

MBA in Corporate Excellence and Leadership

This elite MBA programme is an amalgamation of multi dimensional thoughts from the Eastern and Western worlds. This will enhance the person’s adaptability in multicultural environment and excel in leading the corporate/organization towards prospective heights. By conditioning the mind and body through various stress, emotional and behavioral control practices and ethical and work life balance knowledge this MBA will enable the learner to become an excellent leader with a spectrum of positive attitude, thoughts and energy.

BSc – Medical Sciences

BS Medical Sciences provides the knowledge, skills and personal and professional development appropriate for graduate entry to medicine, medical research, Insurance, or careers in one of the many healthcare or healthcare-related professions.

Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Basic Sciences Program courses are presented in lecture format combined with laboratory exposure to allow for visual reinforcement and development of analytical skills. Because Saint Teresa University – School of Medicine requires students to pass the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Step I before proceeding with the Clinical Medicine Program, the strong preparation provided by the Basic Sciences Program supports the student in achieving this important milestone. Following is an outline of courses offered as part of the Basic Sciences Program.

Clinical Medicine / Dentistry (MMSC)

Designed for high-caliber Medical and Dental graduates who want to explore and benefit from medical research, perhaps with a view to pursuing a specialization in their field or/and a PhD or a career in research.

B.Sc. in Yoga

B.Sc. Yoga academic program consists of classroom lectures and lab sessions. Yoga can’t be mastered through lessons and textbooks! One must practice it in order to master Yoga! This is the main reason why B.Sc. Yoga curriculum lays extra emphasis on practical sessions!

M.Sc. in Yoga

Regular Practice of Yoga has become a way of life to millions of people throughout the world. The courses in Yoga are aimed at “Yoking all powers of Body, Mind and Spirit”. The curriculum with theoretical and practical inputs will provide the practitioners relaxation, exercise, positive thinking, etc. The graduates can become yoga teachers in Schools, instructors in colleges and Fitness Centers and Research entrepreneurs.

Master Research in Yoga and Human Wellness

 A systematic and clearly defined training will be given to the student as below with: Simplified Physical Exercises to improve physical health. Kaya Kalpa Exercises to rejuvenate the life-force and retard the ageing process. Simplified Kundalini Yoga meditation to keep the mind in peace, creativity, perspicacity, adaptability,magnanimity and receptivity. Introspection to analyze the thoughts, moralize the desires, neutralize the anger and eradicate the worries. Understanding the science of Divinity and Meditation to realize the self and finally the truth.