Calliaqua, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
+1 (784) 457 5885

About Us


  • To impart holistic education.
  • To be an innovative international institute; committed to excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer, and to serve the social,cultural and spiritual needs of the world.
  • To provide equal opportunities to all students and prepare them to be equal partners in physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects.
  • To transform knowledge for holistic development of a person.
  • To synergize academia for social development.
  • To empower and capacitate underprivileged sections of society.
  • To uplift meritorious students through scholarships.
  • To contribute for the development of the Island’s Health Care Sector.
  • To initiate and engage with research and development projects for the development of the institution as well as mankind.

Aim & Goal

  • Be the tertiary education institution of first choice for students of Saint Vincent and Grenadines and for other Caribbean nationals and International students.
  • Provide opportunities for working professionals, who will not only get an understanding of Human Management Theory but will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience, while developing their critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • Equip its students with the management knowledge, skills and values for self development.
  • Provide opportunities for values, education, discipline and training.
  • Foster personal development of its students.
  • Provide students with the foundation knowledge and skills to pursue further academic training with other Universities Internationally.
  • Provide students with the skills for self-development and ability to compete the program successfully and find gainful employment in the global society.
  • Provide services that will enable the students to make meaningful contributions to the development of the community and become useful members of the national, regional and global society.
  • The qualifications also support Continuing Professional Development (CPD), as well as enabling progression to careers in Management.
  • Promoting and enabling active citizenship and democratic engagement.
  • Contributing to the local economy as a major employer and consumer of services as well as a provider of skills training.